Telescopic crawler Sherpina CW 25.35

The Marchetti Sherpina CW 25.35 is a very compact telescopic crawler crane of the 25 ton (t) class, which has a 5-piece set telescopic boom with a total length of 25.1 meters (m). The boom length can also be adjusted under partial load. The maximum length of the system can be extended with the optional lattice top (JIB) up to 33.2 m.
The engine of the Marchetti Sherpina CW 25.35 is compliant to the new Tier 4 standard, therefore in Switzerland, no additional and expensive aftermarket filters have to be installed.

For this crawler, various options are availalbe making it a multi purpose working tool.

Technical data at a glance:

Max capacity:  25 t / 57.8 metric tons (mt) 
Boom lenght: 25.1 m 
Max hight from ground w/o JIB: 28.1 m 
Boom lenght with JIB:  33.2 m 
Max speed:  2.8 km/h 

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