The Marchetti MTK40 is a telescopic crane of the 40 ton (t) class.
The Marchetti MTK40 features a 4-part telescopic boom with a total length of 32 meters. The maximum length of the system can be extended with the optional lattice top (JIB) to 46.5 meters (m).

The "little brother" of the MTK60, through the motor of the chassis, is operated as an auxiliary, as it doesn't have its own crane motor. Thus, it is possible to comply with the maximum permissible gross weight and at the same time it has enough ballast for the required payloads.

The necessary support base with fully extended outriggers is 6 x 6.2 m or, with the out riggers extended only 50 %, 3 m x 3.1 m. Therefore, this device can be positioned much closer than a loading crane at the site of a suspended load. Hence, it can handle higher payloads than normally can be achieved with a loading crane.
The MTK40 is offered in Germany on a standard 3-axle truck chassis. In Switzerland, it is necessary to use a 4-axle chassis for the MTK40 as a result of the regulatory requirements.

Many variations are available to the customer regarding the choice of the truck chassis. The vehicle can be optimally integrated into an existing fleet. The maintenance and operating costs are kept low and necessary support work is more efficient.
The MTK40 mounted telescopic crane lifts your loads with high precision thanks to a genuine telescopic boom. It moves fully loaded and is like a truck on the road, so it can be on site, ready to go very fast. Thus, the MTK40 represents the perfect taxi crane.

The Marchetti MTK60 is a telescopic crane of the 60 ton (t) class, which has a 5-piece set telescopic boom with a total length of 40 meters. The maximum length of the system can be extended with the optional lattice top (JIB) up to 54.5 meters (m).
The Marchetti MTK60 has a self-contained crane engine, which is designed to the specific requirements of crane operation. The necessary support base for the achievement of very good competitive compared payloads is just 7.1 m x 7.35 m respectively, with outriggers extended only to 50 %, 3, 5 m x 3.7 m.
The device can be positioned much closer than a loading crane at the site of a suspended load. Therefore, generally higher payloads can be achieved than with a loading crane.
A commercial truck chassis is used as a base. The customer can select the brand of the chassis itself. Only a few parameters must be met so that the construction works. We recommend, however, that the customer rely on a tried and true chassis configured by us.
The result combines the best of two worlds with this device:

  • problem-free integration in the existing vehicle fleet and to 80 % reduced maintenance and operating costs as compared to the AT crane as well as
  • high lifting capacities and very precise crane operation thanks to the true telescopic boom and ballast of the crane.

In Switzerland, the MTK60 is offered in a customized and powerful configuration and is therefore called the "MTK60+ swissedition".

In this stronger Swiss configuration, the mounted telescopic crane has 11 tons of crane ballast which can be upgraded independently. The vehicle can be moved with this 11 ton ballast without heavy vehicle charge duty. Therefore, the Marchetti MTK60+ swissedition is the perfect taxi crane. Move up to 80 km/h at the job site, thanks to completely autonomous loading it is soon ready for work and after the job you are just as quickly away.

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